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Dark and Fruity
Sweet Sunrise

A nice tang in a hearty blend of fine India and Ceylon black teas. Sweet notes with definitive mango and peach flavors. Perfect for your first cup of the day. Also great iced and with a little honey.
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Loaded with Flavor
To Market Trail

A nice and evenly balanced blend of hearty black tea, flower and fruity notes. A unique mix of Ceylon Black, China Green, jasmine, bergamot and mango. A perfect compliment to any savory food.
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Mango and Citrus
Redcliff Orchard

Tart and sweet but not too strong. Evenly blended with Ceylon Black, Earl Grey and dried mango. A very nice cup anytime of day.
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Elysian Earl Grey

A smooth balance of sweet bergamot and malty tea from India and Ceylon. Blue cornflower petals are added to enhance the presentation. Pleasant aroma. This heavenly-tasting Earl Grey is the perfect choice for any tea-escape!
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