Brewing the Perfect Cup

Some guidelines on how to make the best cup of tea.

Brewing loose leaf tea does not need to be complicated and is worth a little extra effort over the tea bag. Steep times and amounts can vary. In the end, it comes down to personal preference in flavor strength. For the ideal cup, here are some guidelines.

To Begin You Will Need:

  • Loose tea leaves
  • A pot and strainer or tea press
  • Water - preferably spring or filtered
  • Kettle - electric or a metal one for the stove
  • Teaspoon for measuring the tea
  • Timer - your smart phone clock/timer app will work nicely
  • Cup or Mug

Start by boiling the filtered water in the kettle. Add boiled water to the pot to heat it up. This will insure the water in the pot stays close to recommended temperatures for steeping. Discard the boiled water from the pot. This step is a matter of preference and may not be necessary depending on your pot or press.

Add more filtered water to the kettle and heat per suggested temperatures below. Measure out the loose tea, one teaspon per 6oz cup, and add to pot or press. Now add heated water to the pot or press and set your timer per suggested times below.

  • Black Teas including flavored black tea blends
  • Water Temperature: 212°F or very close to boiling - boiling removes oxygen from the water. The oxygen in the water will add to the flavor experience.
  • Steep Time: 3 1/2 minutes
  • Oolong Teas
  • Water Temperature: 205°F or just below boiling
  • Steep Time: 3 1/2 minutes
  • Green and White Teas
  • Water Temperature: 180°F
  • Steep Time: 2 1/2 minutes

Strain tea leaves out with a strainer or by pushing down the plunger of your tea press. Discard spent leaves. Tea time!

Optional Single Cup Tea Infuser
Squeeze grip to open and fill half of the mesh ball with loose tea. Place in cup. Add heated water and steep per above instructions. Remove infuser from cup and discard spent leaves. Enjoy!

About Wellshire Tea - Cups Per Package
We estimate you will be able to brew at least 25 cups per 2 ounce package. Or 50 cups per 4 ounce package. Depending on how long you steep the tea, it's possible to resteep the same tea for a 2nd brewing. Our loose tea is an incredible value over the grocery store brands that are packaged in tea bags. Unmatched in quality and pricing - Wellshire Tea!

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