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Blends for Everyone

Here are some tea blend suggestions for all tastes.

Misty Mountains

The ideal blend of teas from the finest estates in India. Very well balanced, smooth and mellow flavors. Hints of muscatel, orange blossom, wine and toast. A cup to be savored all the way down.  More Black Tea Blends . . .
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Mmm Mango
April Gardens

A delectable blend with undertones of mango and roasted barley. Pleasant aroma of fruitiness. Ti Kuan Yin Oolong, Ceylon Black, mallow petals and dried mango. Thoughts of spring may occur when you sip a cup of this blend. Enjoy!
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Sweet Peachness
One Cloud

Flowery and sweet with notes of peach and jasmine. Blended with Ceylon black, China Green, jasmine petals and dried peach. A cup of this will chase your clouds away!
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Loaded with Flavor
To Market Trail

A nice and evenly balanced blend of hearty black tea, flower and fruity notes. A unique mix of Ceylon Black, China Green, jasmine, bergamot and mango. A perfect compliment to any savory food. More Flavored Tea Blends . . .
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