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Black Tea Blends

Strong and Dark
Gold Mountain Blend

A nice, full-bodied mix with smokey overtones. Blended with Yunnan, Keemun and Assam teas from China and India. Perfect for that cool, fall day when you need something flavorful to ward off the chill in the air.
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Sapphire River tea leaves

Smokey Sweet
Sapphire River

Blended with the best Chinese Oolong, Ceylon Black and Indian Black teas. Smokey and sweet notes with hints of bergamot and orange. The perfect cup to be had while viewing your sapphire river. Mallow and Cornflower petals add to the pleasing appearance.
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Misty Mountains

The ideal blend of teas from the finest estates in India. Very well balanced, smooth and mellow flavors. Hints of muscatel, orange blossom, wine and toast. A cup to be savored all the way down.
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Good Morning

Strong and malty. A hearty blend made with Keemun, Yunnan and Nilgiri. Perfect for that first cup of the day.
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Better Afternoon

A hearty black tea blend with a hint of bergamot. Ceylon and Indian teas with cornflower petals. The tea you need to revitalize your mind.
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Complex but Smooth
Perfect Evening

A slightly smokey blend with a complex marrying of flavors. Featuring a unique combination of Keemun, Darjeeling, Oolong and mallow petals. Perfection in a cup to complete your day.
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Silver Highlands

A slightly smokey, sweet and malty liquor with an overall pleasing flavor. Interesting mix of Green, Oolong and Yunnan Black teas. Includes mallow and jasmine petals. A taste of the Silver Highlands!
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Foggy Dew

A distinctive blend full of flavor and able to cut through that morning fog. Notes of toast and wine along with slight sweetness and a hint of fruity tang. A mix of China and India black teas.
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Distant Falls

A full-bodied liquor, slightly smokey with bergamot and fruity notes. Blended with Ceylon Earl Grey, Keemun and Nilgiri. A cup to eagerly anticipate like the distant sound of a waterfall.
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