teapotWellshire Tea™ is pleased to present authentic tea blends from the Camellia sinensis plant.

That is the actual tea plant for those of us who are a little rusty on our latin.

Black Tea

Robust, reddish liquor with the
highest caffeine content.

Oolong Tea

Partially fermented, amber liquor
with some caffeine.

Green and White Teas

Lightly oxidized with a light yellow to
green brew. Very low in caffeine.

Explore the fascinating world of tea with us. There is a vast collection of writings about tea, its benefits and ceremonies, that have been passed down through the centuries. We will continue to update this site with what's new in the world of tea as well as reference as many historical pieces as possible. So let's get started!more

What's new at the Tea Shoppe?

We are constantly creating new blends to satisfy all tastes. Check back here often to see what we have come up with.

New This Month - Gold Mountain Blend

A nice, full-bodied mix with smokey overtones. Blended with Yunnan, Keemun and Assam teas from China and India. Perfect for that cool, fall day where you need something flavorful to ward off the chill in the air.

Why Wellshire Tea™?

More about our tea philosphy

With so many choices for tea, how do you insure the best tea drinking experience? We want to guide you and your friends into making tea the preferred beverage for every occasion. Whether it's your first cup in morning or last for the night, there is a tea that works for every time of day.

Tea News

Small Tea Grower

Small Tea Growers Joining To Ensure Fair Prices

SILIGURI: Small tea growers (STGs) are coming together from around the world to ensure fair pricing. At a recent meeting in Indosnesia, a number of growers prepared a draft report that addresses issues including sustainability, quality control, farmer education and profit margins. More . . .

Darjeeling workers

Tea, trains and tales from India's Darjeeling

Darjeeling, for many people, means tea, but the eponymous hill resort nestled in the Himalayas in India's northeast is also a gateway to spectacular views of the world's third highest peak as well as a rare glimpse of snow leopards and red pandas. More . . .

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Spotlight Video

The Tea Culture of Taiwan

Including the Gongfucha ceremony

An informative look at tea and Taiwan's unique tea culture. By KORU Productions, MÖBIUS Studios and Ben Marcus-Willers.