About Tea

There are a great number of tea varieties and blends. But they all come from one plant - the Camellia sinensis. Each tea variety is produced in it's own unique way to give the brewed tea a distinctive flavor. Here are some brief discussions on the main types.


Black Tea Varieties

Black tea is created through a complex process of withering, cutting or rolling, fermenting and drying. Several factors account for the unique flavor of each variety. Elevation, cultivar type, weather conditions and so on.
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oolong tea leaves

Oolong Tea Varieties

Oolong tea is processed much the same way as black tea. The main difference is the shorter time for fermentation. The liquor tends to be more amber in color.
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green and white tea

Green and White Tea Varieties

Green and White teas are processed lightly with very little oxidation compared to black tea varieties. These types derived from the Camellia sinensis have the most health benefits.
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Brewing the Perfect Cup

There is no right or wrong way to brew tea. It depends on the type of tea and your personal 'strength' preference. However, there are some suggestions for the "perfect" cup of tea.
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